Gary Petras

Memories End

Where Tom and Huck meet George and Lenny there you will find Moe and Bazil on the road to Memories End. This is a buddy book. A road map to a mythical place where a chimpanzee can find freedom and an elephant can finally forget. The two traveling companions escape the circus for very different reasons. One looking toward an exciting new future—the other trying to erase a tragic past. One is on the road to excitement and adventure while the other is searching for forgiveness and redemption. There are also those with good intentions, and those with bad attitudes, that will stop at nothing to prevent the two adventurers from ever finding the Promised Land. This is a story about friendship and fellowship and a search for something glorious inside us all. The tale of a wanderer and a dreamer. Read. Wonder. Dream.

Memories End is a fantastic fable of foes, freaks, friendship and freedom. Moe and Bazil are an odd couple for the ages, seeking after the self-realization of their own sentience and a redemption for their animalistic sins. Escaping from a circus where the Hermaphrodite leader of the freaks performs bizarre experiments for his/her freakshow, our chimp and elephant duo find more than they expected. They discover love through fellowship, and also their own humanity along the way to...Memories End. A page turning story that leaves the reader pondering: What does it truly mean to be human?
— Ed Bonilla- Author of 5 Clones and 2020's first place winner of the Kelly J. Abbott Short Story Contest

Friendship, like love and hate, cannot have just one standard definition; instead, it has as many definitions as there are people in the world. And I was pleased to read Gary Petras’ definition of friendship exhibited in his wonderfully creative, fun and exciting story about the journey undertaken by Moe, a chimp, and Bazil, an elephant, to Memories End, all while encountering a number of obstacles along the way. So, if you are a fan of buddy stories that will keep you engaged in the fate of the characters and cheering for them throughout, then you will definitely enjoy Memories End.
— Jonathan R. Rose, author of Carrion, The Spirit of Laughter, and Gato y Lobo

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