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Books by Bruce Lee Bond

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Treasures of the Night

September 1899. Alice Mary, a sixteen-year-old whore staggers into a crib on Dawson City's Fourth Avenue bruised and bloody, awaking the preternatural senses of Lorelei, a mysterious and powerful woman visiting the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush. The repercussions are far-reaching and as dramatic and stark as the landscape this sweeping epic is set in. The sequel to this novel is in 1906 on the Barbary Coast of San Francisco during the twelve days leading up to the earthquake, and is called The Broken Coast.


The Broken Coast

SAN FRANCISCO 1906. BORN OF A GOLD RUSH, the greatest city on the West Coast was the golden gate to a wild world of corruption where all drugs were legal, thousands of sex slaves labored in the bowels of Chinatown, parlor houses catered to the rich, and the unwary were shanghaied in a fog of sudden wealth and quick death before the earth awoke beneath their feet. Into this world comes Lorelei, the last of an ancient lineage who has chosen the night for survival and must hide her tracks as she changes history while the apocalypse approaches.

“Bruce Lee Bond’s marvelous novel, THE BROKEN COAST, should take its rightful place among the poignant and poetic portraits of a marvelous time in the marvelous city of San Francisco – a city of Chinese Tongs and parlor girls, a time of love and transformation, brutality and mysticism….”
-James Dalessandro, author of 1906 and Bohemian Heart


Girls Gone South

The third novel in the Lorelei Series from Montag Press beginning in the Klondike gold rush of 1899 with Treasures of the Night, and moving through the Barbary Coast of San Francisco and the great earthquake of 1906 with The Broken Coast.

A back country Canadian girl from the Klondike’s arrival in the Hollywood of 1919 becomes a nightmare of abduction on her first night and is rescued by a guardian she’s nearly forgotten from her childhood; Lorelei the last daughter of Lilith, who has kept to the night for her own survival and has arrived in the age of early film in search of a new lover. The wild short lives of early stars against the oncoming of Prohibition, Hollywood’s greatest Madam who coined the word call girl, gangsters making the first underground bondage flicks and serial murders follow seventeen year old Sarah as she fights for survival and a career in the flickers beside a violet-eyed Olive Thomas, American’s Sweetheart of early film, Mabel Normand, the first great female stunt woman, and Mary Pickford while a fugitive goddess watches from the wings.


Hippie Hill

‘...your magic carpet time travel trip through all the thrills and dangers of the 1970s! I hated coming down from this book.’
-Rebecca A. Goodrich, award-winning poet and author of Emergency Rations: How One Young Tail Gunner Survived World War Two

‘A great story about adventures and love of two teen hippies. Bruce Lee Bond turns out to be a master wordsmith.’
-Marcin Dolecki, author of Philosopher’s Crystal

'Hippie Hill Or How I Spent My Vacation by Bruce Lee Bond is a trip in the absolute best sense of the word. A pure page turner, there is simply no lulls or slowdown in Bruce Bond’s prose. I was completely taken in by this amazing story of young, summer love and was left both engrossed
and fascinated by a culture that has so often been glazed over by superficial tales that barely scratch the surface. But in the case of Hippie Hill Or How I Spent My Vacation it does far more than scratch, it takes you deep beneath that surface.'
-Jonathan R. Rose, author of Carrion

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