Curated by Zachary Amendt

FRESH Anthology

"[A] bit radical, a bit madcap ..." — Kristine Fisher

"[K]ept my attention rapt from start to finish ..." — David Styles

"[T]he complexity and diversity of the characters creates a range of reactions during reading [allowing] each tale to shine on its own merits ..." — December Cuccaro, Heavy Feather Review

"Every character ... feels like someone you might’ve known in real life." — Anna Codutti, Tulsa World

"Beautifully written with not a foot put wrong ..." — A.J. Hayes, Lux: The Road to Calithia

Curated by Zachary Amendt, FRESH gathers sixteen new works of literary distinction and merit into one pathbreaking anthology. Featuring selections from emerging writers including Christopher Connor, Gray Oxford and Amanda Marbais, this panoramic volume offers a rare glimpse into the breadth, promise and relevancy of contemporary fiction in the United States and abroad.

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I Ain't Got No Home in This World
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The Wraith of Skrellman
The Apocalypse of Lloyd
The Mountain Devils
Tree Black
Open Concept
Sick Dice
The Parry and the Lunge
O My Days
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