Zachary Amendt

Open Concept

“[B]eautifully-written, expertly-paced, and transportive .... a seemingly effortless piece of writing.” — Defiant Scribe

“Amendt’s strong characterization blends line-by-line with his punchy, inventive sentences to craft an outstanding collection that achieves the dramatic without the melodramatic.” — The Masters Review

“I have no doubt that [Amendt's] writing will soon appear in the “Best American NonRequired Reading” anthology or in the Pushcart Prize anthology. I also won’t be surprised to hear his name mentioned for any of the prestigious book awards. His writing deserves it.” — Cetywa Powell, Publisher, Underground Voices


The brilliant colors and dynamics that Zachary Amendt brought to his debut story collection, Stay, burst forth here in Open Concept with the same engaging exuberance distilled into exquisitely written, tightly arranged workouts that expertly capture the nervous character of the Millennial generation.

The Amendt technique – formula is too rigid a word – is as rewarding as it is instantaneous, proving perhaps, that there is still plenty of room in contemporary literature for cool, calculated, adventuresome risk-taking stories.

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