How to Submit Novel, Short Story Collections and/or Play manuscripts to MONTAG PRESS

Do not send query letters. We only review completed *FINAL* manuscripts.

Carefully review genre limitations. If your novel or play does not fall within the publishing scope of Montag Press, please do not submit.

By email, submit only completed manuscripts (.doc or .docx) with a brief cover email and story synopsis. A 1-2 paragraph synopsis for each novel, play, or novella submitted must reveal the story’s main arc and ending.

While we will work closely with authors through the final story and polish editing process whose work we have accepted, and with whom we have completed a signed contract; we fully expect original submissions to be thoroughly proofed and edited and ready for press.

Your cover email should include a short biography listing any previous publishing experience, a concise summary of your book, and a description of the stories genre(s). This is important in determining which Project Editor and genre lead gets to review your submission.

Please list any potential contacts that you have for reviews or blurbs, this can include blogs that you are familiar with and high profile literary or cultural friends and acquaintances that would be willing to review your book.

In the email please indicate if your book is a simultaneous or an exclusive submission. This applies but is not limited to other small presses, publishers, or agents. Making simultaneous entries to other presses is acceptable, but if the work is accepted for representation or publication elsewhere, please, please notify us immediately so that we may remove the manuscript from consideration.

We are an exclusive publisher and will not publish novels previously or currently published elsewhere. **However consideration may be given to self-published authors who are looking to revise and update their previous self published titles, and to titles from publishers that are no longer in operation, whose rights have been returned to the author and who are also looking to revisit their novel through our editing process. Please be sure to clearly state if your story has ever been published elsewhere. We do Google all accepted submission as part of our due diligence to check. Lastly, we will gladly review short story collections comprised of stories that were individually previously published elsewhere. All our short story collections include previously published works.

Multiple simultaneous submissions to Montag Press are allowed, however please state the order that the submissions should be review from First to Last.

The cover letter must include the author’s legal name (and pen name, if used), phone number, permanent address, and email address for contact purposes.

The cover email MUST also include a statement of ownership, for author(s) submitting manuscript(s) must be sole owners of the manuscript and its copyrights —

“I [NAME] declare that [TITLE] at [Page#] pages is my original work and that I have complete ownership and authority to submit this work to MONTAG PRESS. No part of this work has been copied, stolen, or otherwise appropriated without explicit reference within the book.”

Montag Press has no minimum or maximum word or page counts. Use the number of words necessary to tell the story correctly. As a general rule of thumb, novels should be at least 70,000 words in total length, and novella submissions should be at least 40,000 words in total length. Plays should be between 90 and 140 pages in length.

Please, in consideration of our e-readers, minimize or eliminate any unnecessary formatting.

Montag Press will send an email confirming that we received your submission.

Please allow several months for editorial consideration of submissions. Feel free to contact us by email if that time lapses without response. We are a small team of dedicated members and sometimes even important response deadlines may escape notice.


If your submission is not chosen, we will let you know that your work is no longer under consideration at Montag Press, but we will not provide further feedback. Publishing is very subjective and our opinions may differ, please respect that.

If your manuscript is accepted, our Managing Director will be in contact with you about further contract negotiations to initiate editing, layout and cover design, develop a transmedia campaign and promotional timeline, and finally to initiate ebook distribution and printing.


Editing of submissions after acceptance is considered part of the process of bringing stories to market. Every title goes through two distinct stages of editing – first the story edit to eliminate structural problems, consistency issues and to improve story arc, secondly every title undergoes a polish edit to address every grammatical concern, punctuation and word selection. However, it is not the intention of Montag Press to alter an author’s story or writing style. Editing is only done to improve the quality and salability of the final product. Montag Press project editors pride themselves on being the very best genre and sub-genre editors in the business, and we consider our editing investment in our titles as one of the most significant value additions that we can provide to our author partners.


Since Montag Press was originally founded by book designers and is currently managed by a designer, Montag Press aspires to nothing less than design perfection for their titles. Montag Press designers and creative leads will work closely with authors to develop a book design that exceed all industry standards.  Design, along with editing and transmedia development is part of the triumvirate of excellence that Montag Press collective member provide to their author partners.


Standing atop the story excellence and the design perfection, Montag Press’ marketing campaigns are the wild card component of every story release.  Carefully constructed creative and artistic publicity and marketing experiments are customized for each one of our titles to help connect readers with these new stories and more importantly to break through the vast cultural noise that surrounds us and create a unique signal for people to connect with. Traditional book marketing supports Montag Press’ publicity campaigns to create a solid launching base for authors who are shooting for the moon with their stories as a result we expect contracted authors to be fully active in the promotion of their books.


MONTAG PRESS will retain a 70/30 share with the author for worldwide primary and secondary rights including digital, options, film and video production, and print rights, which will be exclusive for 10 years from the date of publication.

Under 18?

Contributors under 18 MUST be represented by a signatory person that is at least 18 years old. In cases where the signatory and the author are different people due to the required age minimum to sign any contracts, power of attorneys need to be provided by both parties to show legal authorization of the signatory over the work of the under-aged author.

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