MONTAG PRESS is a BAY AREA-based publisher of original fiction and drama. Montag Press publishes the highest quality stories and plays for paperback and e-book distribution through established online retailers, with worldwide distribution from Ingram Content. [1]

MONTAG PRESS also publishes short-run offset paperback, hardcover and premium collectible letterpress editions. [2]

MONTAG PRESS currently seeks the very best in experimental, weird, subversive, speculative, science, historical and horror fiction, in either a narrative or dramatic structure, with a strong plot, well-developed characters and engaging voices.

MONTAG PRESS accepts digital submissions year-round.

MONTAG PRESS welcomes the submission of unsolicited manuscripts from authors around the world.

Original, unpublished fiction and plays should be submitted by email (.doc or .docx).

Of primary interest are the following genres and sub-genres:

Speculative fiction

  • Science fiction

  • Horror fiction

  • Subversive fiction

  • Utopian and Dystopian fiction

  • Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic fiction

  • Experimental fiction

  • Urban Fantasy

  • Dark Fantasy

  • Existential fiction & horror

  • Paranoid fiction

  • Weird fiction

  • Ex0-Fiction

  • Xeno-Fiction

  • Altered States

  • Tansgressive fiction

  • Humor & Satire

Historical Fiction

  • Secret Histories

  • Uchronia

  • Alternate Histories

  • Counterfactual Histories

  • Steam Punk

  • Retro-Futurism

  • Historical Horror

  • Historical Experimentalism

  • Ancient Alien Encounters

Young Adult / Juvenile Fiction & New Adult Fiction

Any of the above genres with protagonist between 12 years of age and 18 years of age for Young Adult titles, or from 19 – 28 for New Adult titles.


MONTAG PRESS will NOT consider reprints.

Novels or plays authored in languages other than English are only accepted with accompanying English translation.

[1] By industry standards we are considered 1) emerging because we have less than 50 titles in our catalog 2) niche because we don’t publish any and all fiction, and instead limit our publishing endeavors to genre specifics and finally 3) nano because we currently have less than 12 titles scheduled for release in a single year.

[2]While a basic MONTAG PRESS title release consists of both trade paperbacks and e-books, Montag Press may publish short run offset paperback, premium hardcover and specialty collector letter press editions for titles that develop a significant readership worldwide.

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