Mara Korzen — Lead Editor

Formerly Mara Hodges, Mara Korzen was married and changed her name in August 2018. She has been with Montag Press since 2012, seeing it through its formative years. Mara began her career as a copywriter, followed by editing publications for an environmental consulting company, environmental reporting for Green Answers, and a few freelance projects. She also has a side job editing English communications for a Japanese art outsourcing company.


As an active member of her community, Mara is a founding member of Eastbay Area Reciprocity Network and sits on the Castro Valley Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee. Since 2008, she has judged as many Odyssey of the Mind tournaments as feasible, including World Finals, and is currently the Problem 2 Captain for Northern California.


Mara is a patron of all sciences, especially environmental science and psychology. Mara likes encouraging authors to think outside the box and break the mold to produce thought-provoking literature. She loves authors who are brave enough to say what they really think rather than what they have been indoctrinated to think.


Mara is the Project Editor for the late and great Bruce Lee Bond’s Lorelei series: The Broken Coast, Treasures of the Night, Girls Gone South and Hippie Hill; Brandon Nolta’s Iron and Smoke; James Bodden’s The Red Light Princess; J.E. Gurley’s Oracle of Delphi and Pools of Yarah; Paul Bussard’s Stinger Stars and Beyond Hercules; Trevor Richardson’s Dystopia Boy; Nigel Sellars’ The Gonaymne Weapon; Carl Alves’ Reconquest Mother Earth; Gary Adler’s Epocalypse; Marcin Dolecki’s Philosopher’s Crystal; Michael Coolwood’s Confessions of a Gentleman Arachnid; Colleen Chen’s Dysmorphic Kingdom; and D. Glasheen’s Backbiters. She is also the editor of Visits to the Confabulatorium, Frenemies and another forthcoming story collection by Soramimi Hanarejima.


Mara can be reached at

John L. Rak Jr. – Science Fiction and Fantasy Editor
John has been editing the written word for longer than he cares to admit. After quite some time spent
turning commas into periods for legal and business publishers, John has entered the world of
speculative fiction. It is a realm he has longed to inhabit since he first discovered a well-worn copy of
The Book of Three in his grade school library.

John is proud to serve as a judge for the Indie Book Awards, currently the largest not-for-profit awards program for independent and self-publishers. As one of the more prolific (some might say masochist) judges, John handles the Science Fiction, Horror, Graphic Novel and Anthology categories – well over 100 books and manuscripts annually.

New to the Montag Press Collective in 2019, John is quite happy to have two novels under his editorial
gaze: a gothic, mystic slow-burner and a deeply satisfying, old-school but not old-style, sword swinging
fantasy epic.


"...and in the grove, by gate and hill, midst merry throng and market clatter – stood the Hall of the
Mountain Grill where table strain’d ‘neath loaded platter." (from the Legend of Beenzon Toste)


Charlie Franco — Project Editor & Night Manager

Charlie attended George Brown College in Toronto and he has a graduate degree in Design with a special emphasis in Screenwriting from the UCLA. Charlie has worked as a Production Manager at Bruce Mau Design and as an Art Director at Revolver and Black Walk Films. Charlie has provided content and story editing for Hollywood movies including Chump Change (2000) 9 (2009.) Charlie provided notes on Courtney Love's long delayed Harper Collins’ project The Girl with the Most Cake (20??) and has completed 3 screenplays.

Charlie is the editor of Three Wojewoda Plays (2012), Hooks and Slaughterhouse (2013), The End of Jack Cruz: The Play (2014) STAY (2014), The Autobiography of Buster Keaton (2014), Ventriloquists (2014), Wrapped in Red (2014), Xtremus (2015), The Mountain Devils (2015), Wound & Suture (2015), O My Days (2015), Mount Everest (2015), Sick Dice (2016), Eli the Rat (2016), Wraith of Skrellman (2016), The Apocalypse of Lloyd (2017), Creep with a Camera (2017) Mount Everest: The Play (2017), Hope: A Play (2017), Olden Days (2018) I Ain't Got No Home in This World Anymore (2018), The Peacock Agenda (2018), Dreadnought Flex (2018), The Truth About the Moon and the Stars (2018), Kingdom:Tiber City Blues (2019).

At Montag Press, Charlie stays up late into the night managing the demon words and subversive ideas that keep the chauvinists and zealots warm and their book fires stoked. Charlie can be reached at