Ed Bonilla

5 Clones

When the United States permanently closes all of its borders to immigration, and expels all “nonnatives”from the country in a furor of Nationalism and Isolationism, California secedes from the Union to form its own independent nation. In the midst of this chaos, Dan and his 5 Clones - his physical replicas, created in a federal lab to be low intelligence farm laborers - attempt to secretly enter the new California Independent Republic, becoming enmeshed in a struggle to find and secure a new technology that could save, or destroy the world.

But are Dan’s 5 clones really just workers? Slaves? Pets? Family? Or will they turn out to be something entirely different...

"Here is a big question: What is a human being? Blood. Flesh and bone. A soul. Who is to say that a ‘soul’ is thesole possession of a human being? I loved this book and I am certain you will too."
-- Gary Petras, author of Memories End, The Sisters Hood and the Thorndancer, Small Heroes and Farrow And Blackstorm Trilogies

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