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Charis Emanon

51 Ways To End Your World


Whatever You Do, Don’t Let Them Save The World!

Anna Frod is in the middle of committing suicide when a chain of catastrophic events puts all of human life
on the brink of extinction. Just when we are about to get what we deserve, the U.S. government steps in and
tries to end the fun. Knowing she must put humanity ahead of herself, Anna sets out to prevent President
Crupt, Doc Op Ulent, and the shadowy Scrodtop from riding to our rescue. Will our world go out in a burst
of glory? Join Anna and a cast of thousands for the adventure of a lifetime and—if she can succeed—our final escapade!

Advance Reviews for 51 Ways To End Your World:

“Emanon’s arresting characters have been vacuum-packed into an apocalyptic kaleidoscope. His down-to-earth observations during the endtimes tumble effortlessly from the page into the reader’s heart, and it strikes me as the most humanitarian book on death that I’ve read in some time. A graphic sketch of human communication: a novel of genial, genuine disaster whose uncomplicated brilliance both eulogizes the present and brightens the dark. Profound and unsettling.”
— Walker Zupp, author of Martha

“How many apocalypses can one world take? 51 Ways To End Your World is a fast-paced novel of a world turned upside
down and inside out. Junior-college student Anna Frod just wants to be left alone to peacefully die from lack of sleep, but
the violently disintegrating world is in danger of rescue. She must put aside her personal needs and meet the challenge:
stop a villainous scientist from saving the world. The breezy, tongue-in-cheek narrative perfectly counterpoints this biting
satire of modern America’s skewed values and dysfunctional obsessions. Thoroughly entertaining!”
— Kathy L. Brown, author of The Big Cinch

“Emanon tosses the reader into a carnival of satiric mayhem in his novel, 51 Ways To End Your World. Characters stumble
through catastrophe as if lost in the funhouse. In Emanon’s world, disaster is uncontainable; the Cascade volcanoes erupt
simultaneously, changing not only the landscape, but the climate of the entire planet. And how do people respond? With
spasms of something you could only call Apocalyptic Insanity Disorder. A witty and entertaining book.”
— James M. Wright, author of Rhizome, The Gorge of Despair, and The Kraken Imaginary

“Amazing, a real page turner, great dialog, enjoyable to the max! This is super bone chilling for us PNW residents. Yikes!!”
— Scott Meredith, author of Nagendra and Astral Advice Animal: The Insider’s Reincarnation Playbook

“Dr. Strangelove for whatever bastardized agglomeration of generations we live in. 51 Ways To End Your World is a
sleepwalker falling through a trap door, grabbing you by the ankles to pull you down into the roaring abyss below. Immediate and immersive in its grip, this is a novel that demands attention and rewards it in the most impactful of
ways. It sinks its hooks in fast, and once it’s through with you, leaves you battered and confused but somehow certain that
you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

The absurdity of the thing is scary, but not nearly as scary as just how perfectly timely and relevant it is to the modern
— Paul d. Miller, author of Albrecht Drue, ghostpuncher. and Albrecht Drue, Paranormal Dick

“A tragic comedy; a biting satire; the world observed through a twisted lens; 51 Ways To End Your World is all of these and
more. Considering the disaster of epic proportions that it deals with it is studded with sparkling comedic passages while at the same time displaying an acute eye for observation and detail. Among the several threads of the narrative I particularly liked that of the suicidal Anna.”
— Pete Peru, author of The Reeking Hegs





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