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Paul d Miller

Albrecht Drue: Paranormal Dick


It’s a big, bad, supernatural new world out there, and the bastards who run it are cutting their eyes at Albrecht Drue in a way a fella might not like.

Now that Bitburg’s favorite ghostpuncher has evolved into the world’s premiere Paranormal Dick, Al’s living high on the hog and tearing so much ass through this supernatural investigation game that the Producers behind the global metaphysical shit show had to take notice. He doesn’t know it yet, but Al’s new world is about to dump a mess of exploding samurai assassins, prick Welshmen, and horny Murdergods in his lap like a syphilitic Baltimore stripper at last call. Yet no matter how bad the future gets, Al knows his past is lurking just out of sight, ready to remind him that things will always get worse.

There’s a lot Al’s learned since he started throwing hands at the restless dead, and fate’s just about ready to teach him the most important lesson of all: just what happens when you punch the wrong goddamned ghost?

Still, with the Ghost Geeks on his side, top-shelf booze in his flask, and all the gentle restraint of a coked-out Tyrannosaurus in his fists, Albrecht Drue: Paranormal Dick is back to put the D in the undead, one case at a time.

Praise for Albrecht Drue: Paranormal Dick

“Seething with gutter wit and celestial cleverness, Albrecht Drue: Paranormal Dick is hard-edged, hard-boiled and harder to put down than a beloved family pet.” — JW Langley, author of Incredulous Moshoeshoe and the Lightning Bird

“Al’s further adventures punching ghosts only cements his place as the ultimate antihero. I couldn’t put it down.” — Ed Bonilla, author of 5 Clones

“The master of combining blood, horror, and everything you’ve ever read that’s been scrawled in black marker on the wall of a restroom stall.” — Charis Emanon, author of 51 Ways To End Your World





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