Jesse McKinnel

Anarchy and Other Lies

In the near future, fresh food is scarce, controlled either by the government or shady underground operatives. Water is rationed. Unemployment is growing, sending millions of people to live on the
street. Those with the means distract themselves from the impending apocalypse behind their screens, and while America elects a new president, the world is on the verge of nuclear war.

Anarchy and Other Lies is a farcical look at modern society through the lens of new-age everyman, Jake Anderson, as he transforms from a silverware designer to reluctant vigilante, living on the outskirts of society with a pair of terrorists. Anarchy peels back the many mini-catastrophes taking place right under our noses and examines our inability and disinterest in confronting them.

The story follows Jake as he is pulled aimlessly through a dying world. Searching for a purpose, he falls in love with a mysterious pink-haired woman. At first, Jake is eager to impress Sam, but the longer he
stays trapped in her orbit, listening as she waxes poetically about revolutionaries she doesn’t seem to understand, the more he becomes disenchanted with both her and her mission to sow chaos.

A pungent story of innocence lost in a world gone badly wrong.
—Pete Peru, author of “The Reeking Hegs”

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