Kyle Yadlosky

Creep with a Camera

In a crowded city, is anyone ever alone? At night, a man stalks the streets. He photographs. He records. He watches. He sees all. And no one sees him. Creep with a Camera is a dark tale of alleys and backstreets, of voyeurism, stalking, break-ins, and murder. Through the creep’s eyes, interconnected arcs follow a woman desperate to corrupt everyone she touches, a man who appears as perfection incarnate, a girl lost and alone, a taxi driver who discards his passengers in dumpsters, and all others who crawl the concrete underbelly of the slums. He views these people as subjects for his art, but when he becomes dangerously entwined with those he follows, he discovers blood, bones, corpses—and possibly everything he’s wanted to embody. When the final photos flash, what will become of the creep? And what will be left of everyone else?

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