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Kindred Stockton

Deep Shade


“In Deep Shade, Kindred Stockton delivers a mesmerizing, cybernetic, Gnostic soap opera for the vape age.”
— Brian Jacobson, author of The Truth About the Moon and the Stars

“Deep Shade is an absurdity, wrapped in a farce, but it just might be prophetic.”
— Jesse McKinnell, author of Anarchy and Other Lies

Set in Florida in the not-too-distant future, Kindred Stockton’s debut novel Deep Shade offers visions of a possible world bubbling with his own brand of dark levity. It’s a glimpse of an American ecosystem heir to the accelerated collapse of all life forms, leaving only the voracious fiberweed and giant grasshoppers.

Aaron Waters is a perpetually late environmental technician for the Florida Department of Permaculture. He and his comrades destroy row after row of giant GMO grasses, some of them high on legal hemp extracts or tripping on psychedelic alternate reality hacks in their climate-controlled helmets. When Aaron finds an Oak Tree, he inadvertently triggers a desperate hunt to harvest the last log. The only problem is, no one can find it. Did he hallucinate the whole thing? If so, where did the acorn in his pocket come from?

Things are getting too weird for words...

In this eco-dystopia there’s no one driving the bus: it’s got autopilot.

The ghost of Neal Cassady invites readers to enjoy the ride.





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