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Trevor D. Richardson

Dystopia Boy: The Unauthorized Files


Your TV is watching you.
Your cell phone is listening to everything you say.
There are no secrets, no quiet moments. There is no privacy.

Behind the veil of work and life, Democracy, free enterprise, and the roar of restaurants, bars, and blockbuster movies there are the Watchers – a secret branch of the US government with the sole task of spying on the American public through hidden cameras, tapped phones, the Internet, satellites, and even safe, sensible modern appliances.Then one day a young man named Joe Blake looks back through the monitor, locks eyes with an aging Watcher and says,“I know you’re out there. I know you’re listening.”

Systems at the Watcher compound go dark, malfunctions run rampant, and the agency begins a meticulous investigation into Joe’s life. Through the surveillance record we watch as he grows into a troubled rock star witnessing the downward spiral of the American economy from the road. We watch his fight against a corrupt corporate takeover of a government formally by and for the people, and we see the end of our way of life in the small compromises that go overlooked or unnoticed. Joe declares war on the system, but can he complete his mission before the Watchers track him down through his own past? In a race against time, who wins, the people or the money?

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