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G. Adler

Epocalypse: Inception


"A precocious, if cynical, prankster figures that high school would be the most absurd thing to ever happen in his life—until he finds himself swept into a game of high-stakes espionage with top level of the US military, a team of gifted, if equally immature allies, and a malevolent artificial intelligence, carrying out an uncertain agenda. Epocalypse: Inception weaves science fiction, suspense, comedy, and exhilaration into a bonafide and memorable young adult saga."
-J. Rizos (Supercenter)

"Epocalypse: Inception picks up where William Gibson's Neuromancer left off, not just facing the narcotic quality of cyberspace but challenging the moral implications of what it means to be human in the Information Age."
-Trevor Richardson (Dystopia Boy)

Parents are made up of four types of particles: protons, electrons, neutrons, and morons! They push us to “do the right thing” all the time when they themselves are worse than pubescent girls all alone at a Justin Bieber concert! It’s like giving a bag full of weapons to a group of toddlers; you don’t know what’s going to happen but you are pretty sure that it will be on the six o’clock news! Don’t believe me? Then you must be the biggest mama’s boy or daddy’s girl ever!

Take my father, for example. General Jack Matthews is the nation’s leading military cybernetic scientist. Don’t let that impress you; he is a terrible father. He doesn’t spare the rod to spoil the child, he has it crammed so far up his rear ramparts that the man practically farts rebar! He gives anal-retentive a whole new meaning! The conceited douche lays into me at every turn and for what, a few videos posted to my site that exposes the seedy underbelly of the clandestine world? Doesn’t he realize that nothing is secret in the digital age? I bet the man would choke on the Stars and Stripes if you made him say the word “transparency”.

My friends and I have had enough of his “cloak and dagger” garbage! He can throw me in as many stockades and basic training furloughs as he wants but even he can’t hide the truth, no matter how deep underground he tries to bury it. I have no idea what he is working on, but based on his anxious demeanour, it must be huge and nearing completion. Time to demote General High and Mighty down to Private Pompous. We’re going to get to the bottom of what he’s doing and expose it to the world. Nothing and nobody is going to stand in our way; we’re going to gather all the intel we need…
…or die trying.





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