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Matt Mott

Finding Woods


Horror writer Matt Mott invites you to experience three stories that will keep you awake and still and breathing. Breathing. Breathing.

Meet a family torn apart by a mother drowned. She will not let her son be, and her grieving husband will not let her go.

Meet a young boy on a mission in the woods. He thinks his imaginary friend may be a real witch, or at least her ghost. Either way, he thinks he knows where to find her.

And meet a woman obsessed with her shower. She thinks the trees are taking over, slowly replacing the town and its people, but just because no one else has any memory of the missing doesn’t mean she’s wrong.

Here, in his debut collection, Mott calmly takes you into the backwoods of New Brunswick, and then without looking back, he leaves you there to find your own way out. Be sure to mind the trees.

“Finding Woods is a tough, unflinching collection of smart horror. Matt Mott’s debut collection will haunt you for days after you’ve put down the book.”
-Eden Robinson, Author of Traplines and Monkey Beach





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