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Ramzi S. Hajj

Guttersnaps Volume One: short, short pulp stories for short, short attention spans


guttersnaps is filled with short, short pulp stories about people making bad decisions. Since no one is immune from said bad decision-making, there’s something in here for everyone. These stories grab you by the proverbial short-n-curlies, whirl you around for a bit, then fling you on to the next one. Think of them as stories you might tell to a friend at a bar after one or five drinks.

Maybe one’ll give you a smile.

Maybe another’ll make you go “huh!”

And yet another, maybe that one’ll get a “hot damn!”

Hope springs eternal.

Rest assured these stories proudly support the unofficial US credo of Stay Entertained!™ It is hoped they will keep you in whatever blissful state of entertainment you’re already in.

“A brilliant collection of poignant vignettes which are painfully honest, combustibly gripping and subtly haunting... precise and absolute as a series of ringing bells... elegant and powerfully candid.”
— Mr Fish, author of And Then the World Blew Up





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