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Mike Sauve

I Ain't Got No Home in This World Anymore


Back in the fictional northern Ontario city of Lac-Sainte-Catherine, Mike Sauve takes readers on a round and back adventure in the classic tradition of H.G. Wells, where two bumbling time travelers take a sad look at their past(s), their McDonald's issues and blackout binges, their sentimental pratfalls and romantic flagellations, all to try and find their way home again.

In the third non-linear installment of his L-S-C universe, first with a wraith, then with a plague, and now through time, the author again applies his slapstick sensibilities to the indignities of a small town upbringing, asserting that while our hometowns may have been good places to come from, they remain tricky places to return to—contemptuously, wistfully, or, in this case, temporally.

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