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Paul Meloy

Islington Crocodiles


Long out of print, a classic of progressive horror fiction. Previously considered legendary in its scarcity, Islington Crocodiles is back. Containing the British Fantasy Award-winning story Black Static and a previously unpublished novella, Junction Creature, Crocs takes you on a journey through themes of love, loss, hope, and faith. Hold onto your crashbars.

“To write with such intuitive depth into the byways of consciousness, to make the world new and strange in a reader’s imagination, and to engage hearts without a hint of melodrama, are all the precious hallmarks of an authentic poet. When I read Islington Crocodiles, I realised I was reading just such a poet, and a writer who feels things with a poignancy that’s near painful” — Adam Nevill

“Meloy’s voice is startlingly original, his stories both shocking and beautiful, and this book is destined to become a classic.” —Tim Lebbon

​“In the stories of Paul Meloy--where walk the living dead, genetically modified pandas, and the mad and terrible Nurse Melt, among others--raw, tell-it-like-it-is comedy brawls with trippy horror in a cage match for the human soul. Take a frontrow seat. Try not to get any blood on you.” —Joe Hill

“The first thing is, you are in for a treat. The second is, keep your wits about you as you read this extraordinary work.” —David Mathew

“Simply the most important, and stunning fantasy collection of the last twenty years. Or possibly, ever.” —Stephen Volk

“Paul Meloy is a unique talent in genre fiction who never disappoints. He’s a master craftsman of the short story, and his prose leaves me breathless.”
—Sarah Pinborough





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