Gil A. Waters

NeuroVont, Incorporated

In this fast-paced new novel, Gil A. Waters introduces us to an America warped by biological terrorism and a cast of characters scraping by on sex, drugs, and ammo. Rik was stuck in a dead-end office job, relying on copious amounts of weed to make it through each day. His affair with his boss was the only highlight in his otherwise miserable existence. Then a terrorist group released a vicious, highly contagious virus – and everything changed. When Rik becomes infected, he finds himself on the run from a government that ruthlessly hunts down anyone who might be sick. He soon learns that narcotics dull the symptoms, and that sex with another infected person gets him higher than he’s ever been. He hooks up with a beautiful ex-government agent, Dez, who is also infected. Together, they seek sanctuary in a mysterious underground organization: NeuroVont, Incorporated. What they find will blow their minds…

Gil A. Waters’ brisk and spare future perfect story imagines a world where getting infected means that you are chased by the government as bio terrorists, and the only people that can help do so through an underground network of sex- and drug-fueled safe houses. As a beacon of hope, NeuroVont, Incorporated turns the cryptic anonymous corporation into a safe place where people in trouble can disappear to discover the true meaning of the infection that’s sweeping America in the near future. The writing is light and cheery as Gil Waters keeps the sex, drugs, and jokes zinging faster than the five ball bonus on the best pinball game ever.

“Constant sex, mind-blowing drugs, and the plague – who could ask for anything more?”

“A sure-fire crowd pleaser for those who like their sex hookups hot and random and their drugs heavy.”

“The Matrix for the AIDS generation.”

“More sex than Cafe Flesh – more drugs than Naked Lunch – more killing than Natural Born Killers – NeuroVont, Incorporated is f’ing awesome.”

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