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Stephanie Klein

Planetoid Sassafras


A raw, unexpurgated look at the most depraved planet in the universe... Never before has an account been published on this explosive interstellar subject.

Welcome to Planetoid Sassafrass, where time is measured After Marx, moons lust after each other in the sky, and human diseases are just another fashion statement. On this cosmic fleshpot you will find a red-hot series of scintillating vignettes dripping over with mucus and cellulo-erotic effluent.

Why not join Zjracnim, Belly Mundus, and Lusty ol’ Moon 13 on the wildest ride this side of Arcturus? Antennas out, space cadet—here in the throbbing cocoon room pleasure is just the beginning.

"Stephanie Klein is a cheerleader for surrealism’s role in confounding the logic of capitalism. Yet Planetoid Sassafrasrather is the logic of capitalism: life reduced to the mindless,compulsive stroking of sensory receptors, oblivious to all else, even if it means the end of life. And it goes one better than that: there is none of capitalism’s suffocating sameness to be found here. Planetoid Sassafras is marvelous, hilarious,frightening and—its only real affinity with capitalism—hypnotic. It is an “Ero-Death cosmology”, perhaps best read while seated in a moldy-rice-stuffed chair, the book held at eye-level by a dead, spotted hand."
- Patrik Sampler, author of The Ocean Container

"Listen up meat brains and unzipped larval sponge forms.This book of schizo compressed visioning is as beautiful as luminous neon flesh trees, scantily clad corneas, dark fecal explosions, and giggling fishes merrily surfing gelatinous waves under ejaculating green skies. Better than a local performance of “Traditional Intestinal Theatre”!"
- Ron Sakolsky, author of Scratching the Tiger’s Belly & Seizing the Airways

"If H.P. Lovecraft were to be kidnapped by a reptilian army, fed psilocybin from a trashcan, butt-fucked by the animated corpse of Georges Bataille, and impregnated with his own gut flora, he might finally give birth to a shuddering ball of hot space rock called Planetoid Sassafras. Resistance to Stephanie Klein is futile. Sure, she has some unhygienic ideas, and she’snot entirely trustworthy. But once she’s had her way with you,you’ll be glad you surrendered."
- Merl Fluin, author of The Golden Cut





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