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Nicholas Morine

Punish the Wicked


DARK DAYS APPROACH: A black prophecy of the future escapes from beneath the broken and snowbound streets of Old Russia. Fierce growls and thunderous drumbeats echo from within subterranean slums. Drunk and drugged voices, the underclass of the Middle Eastern Union, scrape together a bleak and bitter existence.

Addicts, criminals, workers, and nobodies congregate at The Wreckage, washing away their sins in a tide of heavy metal and heavy intoxication. Khalil Madi, escaped fugitive and bassist for death metal outfit Infidel, is caught up in a violent bar-room raid and faces trial for multiple murder amongst countless other crimes against an entrenched and oppressive government.

The verdict?
As many as it takes to tame him.

In front of billions of streaming viewers, one man struggles to hold on despite all odds. Deep inside all of our souls, a dark desire to…

Punish the Wicked.
Cyberpunk is dead and buried in 2014.
Long live the Wicked.





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