Daniel Boyd

The Devil & Streak Wilson


THE KID THEY CALLED STREAK WILSON had a way with a gun, and he was tired of being treated like a boy.

THE DEVIL DIDN’T SEEM LIKE A BAD SORT and he offered a deal for Streak to live his dreams without losing his soul.

WITH MORE MONEY THAN HE COULD SPEND IN A LIFETIME Streak Wilson found himself framed as a horse thief, chased by bounty hunters, hounded by the Devil... And headed for a showdown with the deadliest killer in the territory—


“Daniel Boyd summons up a Satan crafty enough to wrangle a wary cowpoke into devil worship despite himself. Deftly blending horror, adventure, and a strong streak of humor, Boyd concocts a tale sure to entertain fans of all species.”
— Lee Wochner, playwright and author​

“Picaresque and picturesque. If you're going to mess with Satan, better the devil you know than the sly and devious incarnation portrayed here.”
— Richard Roesberg, artist, author and critic.​

“A fantastic story (in both senses of the word) from a wicked storyteller. You can practically hear the bullets whistle through the air – and smell the brimstone.”
— Charles Ardai, founder/editor of Hard Case Crime

“A book that delves deep into the subtle allure of Evil. This devil is a smooth talker, and a folksy angel of light – who by story's end has left a lot of havoc behind him.”
— Rev. Hammons, author of The Poor Wise Man and Any Good Thing from Nazareth

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