Ruuf Wangersen

The Pleasure Model Repairman

"The Pleasure Model Repairman is like the best sex: mind-blowing and reality-altering. Wangersen's ingenious debut novel transports us to a very believable future where, for a price, android-like pleasure models satisfy human desires ranging from the vanilla to the perverse. This is one for Philip K. Dick fans-or anyone who wonders what sex will be like not too many years from now."
-David Massengill, author of Red Swarm

"The Pleasure Model Repairman weaves a psychedelic tapestry far beyond the fringes of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep."
-Jason Rizos, author of Supercenter

"Shocking, rattling, disturbing, this will have you laughing out loud, and exploring curiosities that will make you blush. You're in for the roller coaster of your wettest dystopian dreams."
-Kevin Downey, author of The Intricate Trap

"Just like that mad accordionist at your aunt's fourth wedding-that slick mook whose fingers drizzled the ivories like pink Bakelite rain--Wangersen will waltz you into a bourbon clanking, smoke-drunk daze. Down these weird streets a rocket mind must go."
-Ron Dakron, author of Hello Devilfish!

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