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Pete Peru & Lord Tupelo

The Reeking Hegs


A work of purest purest fiction and the world’s first Arctic Gothic Horror, THE REEKING HEGS is a bristling adventure story of the dramatic kind with a high thrill quota on every page.

The action takes place among the crashing ice packs, tidal waves and frozen desolation of old UGZCYK, a remote city somewhere north of latitude 66 ruled by the despotic SOLID KING SOLID FUME III, and menaced by the threatening horror of THE HEGS. Our hero is the plucky narrator NICK SEIGHTON, a Private Dick on a dodgy case, and clearly out of his depth in these here frozen parts. On a hunch he makes a deal with the fiendish psychopath MR YICK, skipper of THE BLOOD SOAKED NOOSE, a deal that takes the reader from the verge of a story to the end of the book. Along the way he’ll be chased by the KING’S THING, kidnapped by SKIERS, acclaimed for his POETRY, and put on TRIAL for his LIFE...

Meet ATIQTALIK, a leader destroyed then transformed by her own cruel lust for power, and her doomed love partner VINCENTA, who perhaps suffers even more.... Venture inside the LONE ICICLE BAR. There, lurking at the rail is native sharpshooter LITTLE KNOWING WHAT, drawing about him the jigsaw patterns of the tale.

“MAMMADAMN SPULOPEROF invites you in!” But what does her GLEE-CHEST conceal?

All questions cease when the POLAR BEAR enters. FEEL the grip of its ice cold claws!

SEE how the fur flew and the crowd ra ra ran away screaming down the crooked path that leads unto the meaning and mystery of the most BRAIN-SHATTERING story ever told - THE REEKING HEGS!

"Part hardboiled mystery, part arctic adventure, part satire, all is strange on the mean streets of Ugzcyk in Pete Peru and Lord Tupelo’s The Reeking Hegs. For those that prefer their prose fried up like William S Burroughs, look no further, the voice of Peru and Tupelo is full of unique language, ribald humor, and satirical violence. Those looking for escapist adventure will find plenty as private investigator Nick Seighton undergoes his quest for truth as he cuts through the absurdity of modern tundra life. An adventure to hang your harpoon hat on, for sure."
—Stephen Scott Whitaker, National Book Critics Circle

“A hole-in-one, knockout triumph!”
– Bucks Funeral.





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