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Mark Miller

The Two-Headed Lady at the End of the World: A Romance Hotter Than a Thousand Suns


Praise for The Two-Headed Lady at the End of the World.

As a horror aficionado child of the 80s who grew up near a nuclear trigger plant, I never knew I could actually like, and even love, a romance novel about mutually assured destruction. I am not joking when I say that Mark Miller has redefined the genre. Put this on your ‘to read’ list now! —Sarah Walker, co-editor of Walk in a Darker Wood

I love this book so damn much. I am not going to compare Mark Miller’s writing to another author because there is only one Mark Miller. His humor is quirky and zany and a bright spot in this universe. He makes me laugh out loud. His characters are original. His books are considered absurd literature, but I honestly believe there isn’t a category that best suits him. His social commentary, his sensitivity to issues, the big hearts and dreams he pours into his characters, his humor and irony, all make his work special. The last one hundred pages of this book made me cry. These days, I don’t cry very often at writing. But The Two-Headed Lady at the End of the World is a beautiful love poem to what it means to be human, to be alive, to love, and seek love in a world that is ever-changing. The ending is beautiful. It’s perfect. It’s gorgeous. It’s so damn good. It is a symphony to the human heart, to humanity, to existence. —Nora B. Peevy, Hellnotes

A story about acceptance, introspection, enlightenment, and love. So much love, it practically oozes the stuff! Along the way there are thrills, suspense, and banter so good it would leave the cast of Dawson’s Creek speechless. This story smells like gothic art, (just read it, you’ll see) entertains like a Duran Duran video marathon, and satisfies like a trip to the Tastee Freeze. It’s more than good. It’s nuclear. —Jezzy Wolfe, author of Monstrum Poetica

An absurd, marvelous delight! Light, breezy, and a joy to read, with well-fleshed characters and all their quirks and foibles. But for all its hilarious absurdity, Miller weaves a gossamer thread of melancholy into the story, giving it a depth that some might find surprising. —Roxanne Bland, author of The Underground

A well-blended cocktail of weird fiction and superb storytelling. His novel is not only a statement about the mad world in which Mark Miller vii we live but an analysis of the complexity of humanity and a unique exploration of relationships. It can’t be denied that this author has penned something special. Highly recommended! —James G. Carlson, author of Seven Exhumations and Midnight in the City of the Carrion Kid

Mark Miller’s The Two-Headed Lady at the End of the World is an absurdist romp that ties together conjoined twins, mad gay love in underground nuclear bunkers, Yugos, sentient CPU’s, the 1980s, and the tribulations of young romance when you’re two girls in one body. With rock-solid prose, Miller’s tale comes off like a direct descendant of Dr. Strangeglove and Catch 22. And there’s a distinctly subversive whiff of Terry Southern in there somehow. Maybe even a little Tom Wolfe at his unruly, pre-fiction best. The convolutions are many, and the jokes range from subtle to over-the-top. The robust, unpretentious prose never lets the story slip out of focus, and the sheer plenitude of imagination is stirring. This is brave writing by a brave mind. —Polly Schattel, author of Shadowdays





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