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Christopher Clancy

We Take Care of Our Own


As internal division threatens the United States’ ability to defend itself, USoFA WorldWide—a “supraconglomerate” of the nation’s largest military, energy, and media providers—has stepped in to conduct a more efficient, more profitable War on Terror.

In its effort to silence growing popular dissent, USoFA WorldWide launches SoldierWell, an experimental therapy that aims to co-opt the violent impulses of traumatized veterans to incite Intentional Mass Casualty Incidents, otherwise known as mass shootings.

Combining “found” psychotherapy session transcripts with exacting prose, WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN tracks the progress of third-year medical student Linda Held’s struggle to suppress her conscience and fulfill Company orders to their savage, terrifying end.

“Clancy imagines a world a half-shade darker than our own, where money replaces empathy and those who pull the strings wreck us simply because they can.”
- John Minichillo, author of The Message in the Sky and First Woman on Mars

“The world gave us Orwell, Bradbury, and Vonnegut, and now it has given us the bayonet- sharp vision of Christopher Clancy, who has engineered a novel so vital to the American ethos that everyone—from casual reader to anthropologist—should take heed. We Take Care of Our Own marks the arrival of a masterful storyteller.”
- Nathan Elias, author of The Reincarnations and Coil Quake Rift

“Clancy has absolutely captured both the humanity and absurdity of insurgency war-fighting as experienced by the troops. This book is entertaining as hell but also a deep dive into the heads of the men who return from war. It could change your relationship to the country’s war vets.”
- Trish Wood, author of What Was Asked of Us and host of Trish Wood is Critical podcast

“Clancy’s novel is sharp, fast, and very stylish. An exhilarating psychological thriller that ensnares, beguiles, and, ultimately, breaks your heart.”
- Paul Meloy, author of Islington Crocodiles





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