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Marko Vignjevic

Young Drudgers


Young Drudgers is a novella set in an unnamed city that deals with the trials and tribulations of one, Marglay Gaus, and his friends, none of whom have or can hold on to a job of any kind, that is until an opportunity presents itself in the shape of the novella’s wealthy antagonist, a certain Mr. Belamorte.

Mr. Belamorte tasks Marglay and his friends to find the next link in the chain of human evolution, i.e. an individual who stands out from all others. Along the way of their search they run into various characters, including a homeless man by the name of Grapa Grog who drags a coffin with him wherever it goes, carrying with it deep symbolic meaning.

Part existential, part formless literature, Young Drudgers is about every person’s yen to find their way and their true purpose in the sometimes simple and mundane lives that we live.

As with a haiku,
Estrangement frames silences,
Dust swarms dinner plates.

David Mathew, Author of Nostalgia's Boat

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