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David L. Williams

Disruptions: Plays by David L. Williams

A collection of fantasy, horror, and science-fiction plays about the little interruptions that change everything.

“In these gripping plays time is slippery and settings, even when they appear normal, never really are. Characters must confront and sometimes do battle with ghosts, aliens, AIs and monsters (of every sort), while reconciling themselves with past and present losses. The plots are wonderfully compelling, but the moral dilemmas the characters face are even more so and it’s in that space of reckoning that David L. Williams’ vast talents are most profoundly felt.”

— Teri Youmans, author of Becoming Lyla Dore

“With each of David L. Williams’ Disruptions, he skillfully crafts moments that grab the heart, and the throat, beckoning readers and audiences into the recesses of our minds, particularly those places we don’t want to admit, most especially to ourselves, that we long to embrace.”

— Charlene Donaghy, Playwright, Producer, Educator

“In David L. Williams’ new play collection, Disruptions, there’s a multitude of worlds to explore – each highlighted with Williams’ fearless approach and impressive craft towards stories both outrageous and everyday. ... Throughout the collection, Williams’ shows a dexterity as he navigates through worlds of alien abduction, time travel, and encounters with
death – executing them with the precision of a writer who has taken the
ten minute play to the next level.”

— Michael Weems, author of Five Fears of Fatherhood

“These are heady days. And the times call for smart original voices that cannot be easily categorized or contained. Enter David L. Williams. With the ferocity of a flame thrower, his writing has emerged onto the literary landscape just in the nick of time. In Disruptions, David L. Williams seamlessly melds the absurd with the profound, using sharp, witty dialog to re-define loss and human longing. ... short powerful stories that speak to the heart of what makes theater great.”

— Michael Oatman, author of The King of Cage Street

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