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Adapted from the novel by A.A. Garrison


The End of Jack Cruz

David L. Williams

The End of Jack Cruz: The Play

After a virus takes out most of the population, recovering addict Jack “Colonel” Jones survives this new plague by relapsing. Only the hard drugs he’s been avoiding can save him. On a trip to a hospital for supplies, he meets up with the brilliant and hulking Jack Cruz. Cruz has set himself up in a fully stocked warehouse where he plans to find a cure for the virus and he’d like Colonel to be his right-hand man.

As their lonely time together creeps along from one fix to the next, Colonel begins to suspect Cruz is more interested in death than life, and when Macy, a guest to the warehouse, comes to a strange end, Colonel believes that his roommate is even more monstrous than the virus.

When a new visitor, Gwen Landers, comes into their lives, Colonel must decide if his suspicions are right and just how he and Gwen can escape Jack Cruz’s grip on them.

Adapted from the novel by A.A. Garrison, The End of Jack Cruz is an intense story of paranoia and survival where the end of the world isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you, Jack Cruz is.

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