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Connor de Bruler

Goodbye, Moonflower


A former marine, Lemmie Beaumont makes a living as a master locksmith and savvy entrepreneur in her hometown of Greenville, South Carolina. She sets out for another night shift when an unfamiliar dispatcher takes the helm, sending her to three of the riskiest lockouts of her career. Irish travelers, hostile squatters, and moonshine runners are all commonplace in her line of work, but not on the same night. She’s a pawn in a larger game. Along with the ghost of legendary Blues-singer Robert Johnson, Lemmie navigates a rapidly changing Southern underworld as her own perception of reality disintegrates and the quiet town transforms into a psychedelic landscape of depravity and violence.

“...embraces absurdity and poignancy in equal measure, and never disappoints.”
– Brandon Nolta, Iron and Smoke

“...uncharted territory in the literary realm.”
– Apex Reviews

“...truly mesmerizing...almost too beautiful.”
– Fleas on the Dog Online

“Connor de Bruler’s writing is magnetic.”
– Sam Lichtman, writer/director of Astray

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