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Connor de Bruler

Tree Black


It’s hard being a trans woman. Harder still in North Carolina. Sandy Pogue knows this first-hand. Along with her Cherokee boyfriend Yona Bridger, Sandy manages to eke out a simple but happy life until inevitable circumstances force them to pack up and skip town. What starts as a journey towards a new life together takes a drop into the seedy underbelly of an isolated South, where some of the old ways die hard. As they carve out a new life, Sandy and Yona find themselves in the clutches of a bizarre cult of kidnapped women and demonic children. What is Yona’s connection to this mysterious group of backwoods zealots, and can he help Sandy avoid a fate worse than death? More than just their two lives hang in the balance as they hack a bloody swath through the ancient countryside, trying to reach the safety of the light through the TREE BLACK.

In Tree Black, De Bruler introduces the most amazing new heroine to blast onto the horror scene in ages. Swinging her hatchet through the heads of demon-possessed hillbillies, Sandy is a cross between Hedwig and Evil Dead’s Ash Williams. A fully realized and dynamic character instead of a boring clichéd archetype, Sandy strikes blow after brutal blow for outsiders everywhere.

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