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Connor de Bruler



An enthralling novel... would fit nicely on the shelf next to Cormac McCarthy and the darker tales of Joe R. Lansdale. A damn fine book.
— Brandon Notla, Iron and Smoke

Brutal and unrelenting.

— Jessie McKinnell, Anarchy and Other Lies

Vagabone follows protagonists Amalin and Pancho as they fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic United States and Mexico. Before the collapse, Amalin worked as a bartender and bookstore clerk. Fueled by desperation, she accepts a contract to venture beyond the military cordon to kill a dangerous cult leader known as The Teacher. Along the way, she meets Pancho, a Mexican boy with the gift of perfect aim, and Isaiah Dorman, a 19-year-old maverick trucker with adventure on his mind.

Part Jodorowsky’s El Topo by way of Sam Shepard, part William Gibson by way of Larry McMurtry, Vagabone exists to make real American literature out of the New Weird Fiction canon.

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