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Books by James E. Gurley


The Oracle of Delphi


In Oracle of Delphi, the first part of a trans-planetary teenage fantasia, a young country teen comes into his manhood in front of the epic backdrop of warring interstellar species and royal intrigue.

Oracle of Delphi is a breathtaking and genre-bending coming of age story that tells the tale of Tad, an orphaned young man raised by his uncle in the desert, who ventures into the seat of royal power only to discover that he might have been chosen as royal companion to the boy king for his buried magical powers. Caught between the space of magic and science, where ancient technologies have been lost and ignorance reigns supreme, Tad must navigate the deadly world of royal inter-specieal intrigue, assassination attempts, and eventually banishment into the deadly barren lands crushed by the Veil, an intergalactic scourge that eliminated interstellar transportation eons ago.Whether by choice or by burden, Tad quickly realizes that his destiny is larger than anyone could have ever guessed, his purpose greater than he ever thought, and his young loves more magnificent than his innocent mind can imagine.

Part Game of Thrones Part Harry Potter in space, The Oracle of Delphi imagines the most amazing story world yet to come.

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The Pools of Yarah




​...when most of the Earth’s population fled a raging sun and disappeared into the Void. The few remaining survivors from the failed domes, the last bastion of safety on a desert Earth, barely cling to life. The waters to the Pools of Yarah have failed to return. If Hramack and his father, Kena, cannot discover the reason and return the flow of water, their people are doomed. Now, the Trader Guild ship Long John Baldry has rediscovered Earth, but is it a time for rejoicing or a time for fear?

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