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Books by James W. Bodden


The Red Light Princess

THE NO GO ZONE IS IN FULL MOTION. Everything goes on the Night of the Clean Hands. There are only three rules: Old debts are forgotten. Payback is forbidden. Killing is outlawed.But just for one night. One night without the fear of death doesn’t sound like much, but it means everything in the slums.

Kai, born and raised in the No Go Zone, understands that even in a place forsaken by the rest of the world, order always creeps in. As a member of the 25’s, a local enforcement gang, Kai jumps from the rooftops and glides over the streets, keeping the population inside the separation barriers under constant surveillance.

When a string of copycat murders disrupts the festivities of the Night of the Clean Hands, it falls to Kai to uncover the mystery behind the killings. As we follow Kai through the underbelly of this urban jungle, we explore a lost city with unspoken rules and unravel the secrets behind its devotion for the Red Light Princess.

Black Dawn_FC.jpg

Black Dawn

On a war-torn planet orbiting a dying sun, Noor Malatesta roams the desert, hunting after the killers who gunned her down and left her for dead. But to finally settle old scores, she must also atone for her past by destroying a creature hell-bent on devouring the stars. Time’s running out. As the Black Dawn shadows the horizon, Noor soon realizes that to get revenge, she’ll have to face the woman she loves—the enemy Noor fears most.

Only death pays for justice in this tomb world.

"Grimly riveting, Black Dawn recounts one heroine's journey of revenge in a world forged in blood and fire. This is excellent storytelling, fast-paced and action-packed."
— Christopher Clancy, author of We Take Care of Our Own

James W. Bodden is the writer of the novels Red Light Princess and Coffin Riders. He's hunkered down in some Cold War bunker, helmet strapped tight, and braced for impact.

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