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Books by Michael Coolwood


Confessions of a Gentleman Arachnid


Meet Milligan Clodthorpe, a gentleman arachnid of exceptional lineage who finds himself involuntarily inhabiting the body of a human female. Bainbridge, the cad who now inhabits Milligan’s arachnid form, is known throughout the galaxy as thoroughly selfish and uncivilised. What he might get up to with a body such as Milligan’s simply does not bear thinking about. With the help of Milligan’s mechanical valet Forsythe, his revered Uncle Angus, his psychotic cousin Gertrude, and Pigstick, his former comrade in arms, he must recover his arachnid body and prevent Bainbridge from disgracing his family name.

Through twists and turns, Milligan’s pursuit leads him into thrilling adventures. Be prepared fordaring espionage, scandalous scenes, and perilous levels of dry wit.

Three Arachnids in a Warship_front Cover

Three Arachnids In A Warship (to say nothing of the human)

Jay is an aristocrat, a philanthropist, and a giant spider.

She also has only two years to live, which is disappointing. Her doctor has ordered rest and relaxation, so a spin around the galaxy in the old warship seems ideal. For the next week, Jay must try to relax in spite of her friend Oliver, who may or may not be a smuggler, her human companion Sarah who cannot resist playing practical jokes and her intense but extremely attractive friend Bainbridge. On her way she will encounter bigoted venomous snakes, vicious pirates and a very rude serial killer. Thankfully, these are easy to deal with. The real trick will be keeping the secret behind her treatment from her companions.

Michael Coolwood writes feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy. His characters are driven by a desire to make the world a better place but also struggle with their mental health. This is partly because Michael respects passionate, caring people, and partly because cuts to the health service in his country have ensured he can barely leave the house due to his swamp of health problems.

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