Bruce Lee Bond

Girls Gone South

The third novel in the Lorelei Series from Montag Press beginning in the Klondike gold rush of 1899 with Treasures of the Night, and moving through the Barbary Coast of San Francisco and the great earthquake of 1906 with The Broken Coast.

A back country Canadian girl from the Klondike’s arrival in the Hollywood of 1919 becomes a nightmare of abduction on her first night and is rescued by a guardian she’s nearly forgotten from her childhood; Lorelei the last daughter of Lilith, who has kept to the night for her own survival and has arrived in the age of early film in search of a new lover. The wild short lives of early stars against the oncoming of Prohibition, Hollywood’s greatest Madam who coined the word call girl, gangsters making the first underground bondage flicks and serial murders follow seventeen year old Sarah as she fights for survival and a career in the flickers beside a violet-eyed Olive Thomas, American’s Sweetheart of early film, Mabel Normand, the first great female stunt woman, and Mary Pickford while a fugitive goddess watches from the wings.

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