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Bruce Lee Bond

The Broken Coast


SAN FRANCISCO 1906. BORN OF A GOLD RUSH, the greatest city on the West Coast was the golden gate to a wild world of corruption where all drugs were legal, thousands of sex slaves labored in the bowels of Chinatown, parlor houses catered to the rich, and the unwary were shanghaied in a fog of sudden wealth and quick death before the earth awoke beneath their feet. Into this world comes Lorelei, the last of an ancient lineage who has chosen the night for survival and must hide her tracks as she changes history while the apocalypse approaches.

“Bruce Lee Bond’s marvelous novel, THE BROKEN COAST, should take its rightful place among the poignant and poetic portraits of a marvelous time in the marvelous city of San Francisco – a city of Chinese Tongs and parlor girls, a time of love and transformation, brutality and mysticism….”
-James Dalessandro, author of 1906 and Bohemian Heart

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