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Bruce Lee Bond

Hippie Hill


‘...your magic carpet time travel trip through all the thrills and dangers of the 1970s! I hated coming down from this book.’
-Rebecca A. Goodrich, award-winning poet and author of Emergency Rations: How One Young Tail Gunner Survived World War Two

‘A great story about adventures and love of two teen hippies. Bruce Lee Bond turns out to be a master wordsmith.’
-Marcin Dolecki, author of Philosopher’s Crystal

'Hippie Hill Or How I Spent My Vacation by Bruce Lee Bond is a trip in the absolute best sense of the word. A pure page turner, there is simply no lulls or slowdown in Bruce Bond’s prose. I was completely taken in by this amazing story of young, summer love and was left both engrossed
and fascinated by a culture that has so often been glazed over by superficial tales that barely scratch the surface. But in the case of Hippie Hill Or How I Spent My Vacation it does far more than scratch, it takes you deep beneath that surface.'
-Jonathan R. Rose, author of Carrion

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